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Promoting the Use of Education Technology in Learning and Teaching in Science (S1-3) 

Project Objectives:

  • To enhance junior secondary science teachers’ understanding regarding the use of educational technology (EdTech) for effective learning and teaching of micro-macro relationship

  • To develop educational technology-utilising pedagogical strategies for the identification and handling of students’ alternative conceptions

  • To further teachers’ understanding regarding the continuous professional development through reflecting on their classroom-level implementation of educational technology-enriched learning resources

  • To establish a teacher network for participating in the try-outs and peer collaborative learning

Learning and Teaching Materials Resources
(Coming Soon!)

Condensation and Evaporation.png
Thermal Expansion and Contraction.png

Past Events

Dissemination Seminar:

Promoting the Use of Educational Technology in Learning and Teaching in Science (S1-3)

5 July 2023

Workshop 1

17 March 2023

Understanding difficulties in students' learning at the submicroscopic level and ways to support students' learning

Workshop 2

28 April 2023

Designing e-learning activities using "DragGame" for enhancing learning and teaching in Science (S1-3)

Workshop 3

25 May 2023

Classroom dialogues based on student-generated representations

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