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Quality Education Fund:
Developing Innovative Hands-on and Minds-on Learning and Teaching Packages in Physics/STEM Education

Two online hands-on teacher professional workshops, jointly run by Dr Promail Leung, Director of the School-University Partnerships Office and Senior Lecturer of the Faculty’s Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership, and the 11 Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science (BEd&BSc) students who major in Physics, were organised in mid-February 2022, to disseminate the four Physics Teaching Packages developed for this QEF Project.  These packages cover research-evident misconceptions or concepts that students often find difficult to understand; and are designed for both face-to-face and online teaching.  Each set contains a video with bilingual subtitles and a teacher’s manual for easy explanation to students. In addition, 3D-printed DIY models and bilingual worksheets or handouts for students are included in most sets.

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